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An ITS-Davis Centre In Europe

The world is grappling with similar challenges in transportation: how to decarbonise and manage transformational innovations, while responding to social justice concerns and addressing the need to fundamentally reshape global supply chains.

The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) has established the ITS-Davis European Transport and Energy Research Centre (ETERC), based in Paris, as part of an effort that is broadening the geographical scope of its work across various global regions to help addressing these challenges.

ETERC leverages years of close cooperation between the ITS-Davis and European institutions, especially important at a time when the European Union is developing articulated policy packages to support a green, digital and resilient transformation of its transport and energy systems. It builds on the ITS-Davis experience to support California in the development of key sustainable transport policies with global visibility, such as the Advanced Clean Fleet regulation, the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard, the Clean Miles Standard and the Advanced Clean Cars package, including the Zero Emission Vehicle program.

It builds also on lessons emerging from the European policy approach shaped with the European Green Deal, including regulations on CO2 emissions of cars and trucks, the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, the transition of aviation and shipping fuels, the regulation of batteries and the development of a sustainable supply and value chain, and policies aiming to shift investments towards technologies that are better aligned with sustainability requirements.

With a presence in Europe, ETERC will serve a crucial role in strengthening trans-Atlantic cooperation and help California, the United States and Europe learn from each others’ experiences. As the world faces similar challenges across all geographies, ETERC also works closely with other ITS-Davis research centers to support a global transition to sustainable transport in the Global South.