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European Transport and Energy Research Centre

Cutting-Edge International Transportation Research

An ITS-Davis Centre In Europe

The European Transport and Energy Research Centre (ETERC), established by ITS-Davis and based in Paris, supports the shift to sustainable transportation in Europe and builds stronger connections between Europe, California, and the greater US. These regions are leaders working toward the overarching goal of building sustainable and equitable transportation systems. In response, ETERC seeks to shape policy and support Europe in dialogues with other regions by conducting research and leveraging insights from other ITS-Davis centers.

Transportation and energy technologies are developing rapidly. Anticipating changes in supply and value chains, infrastructure, and life cycle impacts on the environment can help us steer their deployment towards net benefits for society. The most important changes will be the electrification of most vehicles used on roads and a transition in the fuel mix for aviation and shipping. Insights related to these developments are crucial to governments and companies alike.

With a presence in Europe, ETERC broadens the influence of ITS-Davis geographically at a critical time in the development of European transportation policy. The goal is to benefit from lessons learned in California and the US and from the adoption of the European Green Deal to support a transformation of transport and energy systems.

As the world faces similar challenges across all geographies, ETERC will serve a crucial role in strengthening cooperation and supporting global adoption of sustainable transportation.